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Bytecoin cryptocurrency works according to the principles that are radically different from ones the fiat currencies and their digital analogues use. We have created the currency that is convenient and reliable to use in the Internet. Alongside with this it needs modest amount of energy and human resources. This permits to get along without transaction fees.


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Official blog

Untraceable Tokens

577 days ago

Dear Community, Cryptocurrency market has been developing drastically, bringing more and more innovations to explore. The Bytecoin team understands the importance of keeping a finger on the pulse, thus we give you an insight into the great things that kept our team busy around the clock for quite a long time. As you know, the growing popularity of tokens has resulted in top ten tok...

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What Blockchain Technology Can Do and What Could Be Overstretched Expectations

984 days ago

A lot is possible on the blockchain. But, the blockchain does not have power to solve every problem thrown at it. Diamond provenance protection, asset trading, land title registry, passport issuance, smart contracts, currency... you name it, there is already a startup building the solutions for it on the blockchain (the decentralized public ledger that underlines most cryptocurrencies, inc...

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Distributed Blockchain Technology vs. Centralized ICANN. Will There Be a Collision?

1003 days ago

I have a phone, and I have no idea how it actually works despite the fact that people, like me, created it. I know that there are detailed descriptions of its operation, nevertheless, when I make a call, it is magic for me. I am used to it, and I perceive it as something routine, but it is still a kind of magic. We are surrounded by these "black boxes" that perform some operations we do no...

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P2P Finance: Are Banks Losing Their Positions?

1033 days ago

A man was honored for 50 years of loyal service to a Virginia bank. At the party celebrating his long service, he was asked what he thought had been 'the most important change that he had seen in banking in his half century of service?' The man paused for a few minutes, then went to the microphone and said: 'air conditioning'.Martin Mayer, The Bankers. Financial experts put enormous effort...

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How to Be Smart with Smart Phones and Smart Contracts

1054 days ago

Smart Contracts are mentioned more and more frequently on the Internet. Banks issue investment advice and publish research, journalists write articles describing the hi-tech future, and opinion leaders share their forecasts about when Smart Contracts are going to turn the world around. The forecasts, as it often happens, are too optimistic, and the possible effect that Smart Contracts will...

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Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Chance of a Third Bounce, or New Low Looming

NewsBTC - 4439 hours ago

FOMO Moments The bears have full control and crypto markets are sliding further again today. With almost $20 billion shaved off in 24 hours things are looking grim in crypto land. Bitcoin is falling dangerously close to $6,000 and altcoins are getting punished as usual. BTC has declined a further 4.3% on the day to $6,580 and ETH has fared even worse dropping 7% to $495. There is a sea of red acro...

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Cryptos That Fell from Grace, Looking Back at Last Year’s Hot Altcoins

NewsBTC - 4551 hours ago

Ethereum Classic, Bitshares, Stratis, and Waves have all lost ground to newcomers. Things change fast in the crypto sphere and today’s hot cryptocurrency may well be tomorrow’s shitcoin. Looking back at the scene a year ago in June 2017 shows a slightly different set of coins and tokens in the top 20. The question is: where are they now? Aside from Bitcoin, the stalwarts that have stood the test o...

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Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Ontology Rising Above the Rest

NewsBTC - 4607 hours ago

FOMO Moments Current performing altcoins are Ontology, Binance Coin, Loopring and Nexus. In true sideways fashion yesterday’s declines could not be sustained and the bears lost out to the bulls. The markets seem to have been oscillating between red and green days in recent weeks, and today has been the latter during Asian trading. Although not a strong recovery, crypto markets are up on Tuesday’s...

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End of Month Roundup: Cryptocurrency Winners and Losers in May

NewsBTC - 4699 hours ago

Top performing cryptocurrencies in May were Bytecoin, Zilliqa and Decred. While Cardano, Nem and Qtum suffered the heaviest losses. As we pass into another month in crypto land it is time to evaluate May’s winners and losers. After solid gains throughout April, May was set to build on them and send crypto markets higher again. It didn’t happen and the bears regained control pushing them all back...

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New Binance Listings Are Losing Their Luster

Bitcoin news - 4716 hours ago

As one of the most liquid and globally accessible exchanges, Binance wields a lot of power. Listings are a big deal to cryptocurrency teams, representing a validation of their coin, and they’re also a big deal to investors, who can profit off the price boost that invariably ensues. Lately though, those pumps have been diminishing due to trader fatigue exacerbated by an increase in frequency of new...

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Up 24%: Bytecoin Only Gainer In Bad Month for Big Cryptos

CoinDesk - 4718 hours ago

While most top-25 cryptocurrencies took a hit last month, lesser-known cryptocurrency bytecoin scored decent gains.

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Most Cryptocurrency Cost Less Than $1 Million a Day to 51% Attack: Cornell Professor

NewsBTC - 4745 hours ago

Earlier today, on May 31, prestigious US university Cornell professor Emin Gün Sirer ‏noted that the vast majority of proof-of-work (PoW)-based cryptocurrency require less than $1 million per day to successfully carry out a 51 percent attack. Computing Power is Security “The cost to 51% attack various coins. Most of these coins cost a pittance to attack. If your savings are in a coin, or anything...

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Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Bytecoin up 30%, Leading Recovery

NewsBTC - 4776 hours ago

FOMO Moments A rally was expected after crypto markets hit a monthly low yesterday. Traders loaded up and bought the dip and all currencies have bounced back today, however the overall sentiment is still bearish. Bitcoin held support and did not fall below $7,000, it is currently up 5.3% on the day at just over $7,500. Ethereum, after suffering heavy losses, has returned to around $570, up almost...

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Overpaying for Security, or Misallocating? Bitcoin and Dash vs. 51% Attacks

DashForceNews - 4786 hours ago

Recent cryptocurrency news has been dominated by 51% attacks, whereby a single actor controls the majority of the mining power and is able to use this to reverse transactions. Bitcoin Gold and Verge, as well as Monacoin, recently suffered similar attacks. This has called into question original estimates of the level of network security provided by pure proof-of-work mining. A determined and powerf...

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Crypto Community Trembles Over Repeated Verge (XVG) Hack

Ethereum World News - 4788 hours ago

The crypto world is full of amazement, with series of events that could be tagged ludicrous before its occurrence. How on earth is it possible for a single coin to experience 3 similar hacks within the space of 3 months, of which, two of it took place within two weeks? Last week came the news that Verge was hacked through its hashrate, and 51% of the altcoin’s network was under the control of hack...

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