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Counterparty extends Bitcoin’s functionality by “writing in the margins” of regular Bitcoin transactions, opening the door for innovation and advanced features not possible with ordinary Bitcoin software.


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How Do We Solve the Trillion Dollar Time Bomb Called Pension?

NewsBTC - 11204 hours ago

For many of us, pensions are a big deal. The thought of what we’ll do for money after retirement is something that can keep us awake at night, something to which we devote hours of anxious overthinking. We want to enjoy our older years, and the thought of struggling for money as we age can be an unpleasant one. Almost 20% of those who make between $50,000 and $150,000 per year say pensions are the...

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Cryptocurrencies Not a Risk to Stability, Russian Study Concludes

Bitcoin news - 11300 hours ago

A study has found that despite their volatility, cryptocurrencies do not endanger the financial system and the economy of Russia, as the risks are offset by the highly concentrated ownership of digital assets. Crypto fluctuations are not believed to affect consumption either. Russian residents have controlled cryptocurrency worth between $7.5 and $14 billion in the first quarter of this year, acco...

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The Future of Bitcoin: What Lightning Could Look Like

Bitcoin magazine - 11330 hours ago

After years of conceptualization and development, the first Lightning implementations are now in beta. As a result, more nodes are appearing online every day, a growing number of users are opening channels with one another, and some merchants even started to accept Lightning payments. But of course, these are still the very early days of the Lightning Network. While the main implementations are us...

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Decentralized Exchange Compendium ‘Index’ Lists Over 200 Dex Platforms

Bitcoin news - 11375 hours ago

Since the creation of bitcoin and the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies in existence individuals have been trading their assets for profit or for other coins. A great majority of people use centralized exchanges, even though many of them require strict identification policies or have lost funds due to hackers infiltrating their platforms. Over the past couple of years, there has been a proliferat...

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Meet Bestmixer, the Bitcoin Tumbler Trying to Outwit Chainalysis

Bitcoin news - 11412 hours ago

Bitcoin tumbling service Bestmixer has added a slew of new features designed to enhance anonymity. A triple-tier service provides varying levels of privacy, all geared around outsmarting the blockchain forensic tools deployed by companies such as Chainalysis. Also read: Bitcoin’s Chance at the $20 Trillion Offshore Tax Haven Market Bestmixer Ups Its Privacy Game Bitcoin tumbler services and blockc...

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Top Three Upcoming Blockchain Projects of 2018

NewsBTC - 11562 hours ago

Blockchain proved itself as a major market motivator with corporations and startups alike looking to harness the technology for their own benefit. Though initially reluctant, major financial institutions are starting to embrace distributed ledgers to upgrade their legacy network software. Transfers that once took days can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes – without a loss of security or a...

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