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Op Ed: Scaling Capital Market Adoption of Blockchain Technology With SHA-3

Bitcoin magazine - 2489 hours ago

The shift has already started; finance is moving onto the blockchain, leveraging the decentralization and disintermediation benefits of the technology’s architecture. Assets of all kinds are being moved to the blockchain, creating a more efficient and economical system for the transfer of value, and management of fractional ownership. This migration isn’t just disrupting the existing financial sys...

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Switzerland Shows the Way: Bank First to Offer Crypto Business Accounts

Bitcoin news - 2620 hours ago

Switzerland’s legacy bank, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, announced this week it was accepting cryptocurrency related businesses as account holders, something many legacy financial institutions outright refuse. Long viewed as a progressive society way ahead of its time, the Swiss are once again leading, … this time it’s doing so in the crypto revolution. Also read: Fidelity Investments Hints at Entering...

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Russian Farming Village: Local Crypto, Bitcoin Reserves, No Govt Money

Bitcoin news - 2689 hours ago

Mikhail Shlyapnikov, cancer survivor turned quaint Russian farmer and cryptocurrency revolutionary, is well known within the ecosystem. He’s about as eccentric as imagined, defiantly taking on his government through the issuance of a proprietary, local money. It was a way to get out from under gouging state-backed banks. Close to half a decade later, and after a crackdown, his little hamlet is thr...

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South Korea’s National Assembly Officially Proposes Lifting ICO Ban

Bitcoin news - 2857 hours ago

South Korea’s national legislature has officially proposed to allow domestic initial coin offerings, effectively lifting the ban imposed by the government in September last year. With the lack of proper guidelines, South Korean companies have been migrating abroad to launch their token sales. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space National Assembly’s Proposal The National...

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Singapore Warns Eight Unauthorized Token Exchanges

Bitcoin news - 2949 hours ago

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has warned eight digital token exchanges operating in the country over unauthorized securities trading. The regulator also stopped an initial coin offering, prompting its issuer to return all funds received from Singapore-based investors. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Eight Token Exchanges Warned Singapore’s central bank and fin...

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