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What is it?

EOS.IO is software that introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications (the “EOS.IO Software”). This is achieved through an operating system-like construct upon which applications can be built. The software provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and/or clusters. The resulting technology is a blockchain architecture that has the potential to scale to millions of transactions per second, eliminates user fees and allows for quick and easy deployment of decentralized applications.

Website: https://eos.io/


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Markets Update: SEC Adds a Brief Market Spike — But Will It Last?

Bitcoin news - 11768 hours ago

Cryptocurrency markets are steadily coasting along after suffering from some volatile low swings last week. Over the past 24 hours, most cryptocurrencies are still in the red nurturing losses between 1-3 percent, and a few are in the green by a few percentages. At the time of publication, the price of bitcoin cash (BCH) is hovering around $850 per coin. Meanwhile, bitcoin core values are meanderin...

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Censorship, Bans, and ETH Scams: Twitter Suspends Bitmain’s Official Account

Bitcoin news - 11778 hours ago

This week the Twitter handle @Bitmaintech was locked down because Twitter administrators claimed the account belongs to a 4-year-old. The Twitter handle’s owner and Bitmain’s head of marketing have complained to the social media company’s support team and Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey. The account lockdown marks the second high profile bitcoin-related account that’s been banned from Twitter in just a...

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EOS Mainnet Freezes Barely Two Days After Launch – Blockchain Activities Come to a Standstill

Ethereum World News - 11778 hours ago

Reports have emerged that activities on the EOS blockchain have come to a standstill with frozen transactions network wide. This development is the latest in a growing list of technical issues that have affected the EOS blockchain. In a related event, ICON, another blockchain project also encountered a bug, this time in its smart contract code. Bug Identified and Software Fix is in the Works. Acco...

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EOS Mainnet Experiences ‘Freeze’ Two Days After Launch

Coin Telegraph - 11782 hours ago

Less than 48 hours after its launch, EOS mainnet faces a system failure, which block producers are working to correct

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EOS May Be Live But the Debate with Crypto Critics Continues

CoinDesk - 11783 hours ago

The EOS blockchain went live this week, sparking debate and commentary from cryptocurrency's avid social media users.

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Technical Analysis (June 16, 2018)

NewsBTC - 11795 hours ago

There is excitement in the ETC world and it’s palpable if we go with statistics. Shortly after the news, ETC gained 22 percent pushing its market cap to $1.44 billion. However, contrary to expectations, ETC prices have been moving within a tight trade range with limits at $16. Should we see appreciation past that level, then we it would be a go for buyers. Let’s have a look at these charts From th...

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If Bitcoin isn’t a Security According to SEC, Which Coins are? : IOTA, EOS, Stellar Lumens, Litecoin and Tron Technical Analysis (June 16, 2018)

NewsBTC - 11795 hours ago

Overly, sellers did spring back to action and completely reversing June 14 gains in some coins as IOTA. However, in the midst of all sells, Stellar Lumens is resilient losing three percent. On the other hand, IOTA reversed 100 percent of their 24 hours gains with lows testing minor support at $1.10. So, even if we remain upbeat expecting buyers to spring back, any breach of support triggering mean...

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EOS Goes Live, Over 150 Mln Tokens Staked to Validate Mainnet

Coin Telegraph - 11807 hours ago

The EOS mainnet has officially gone live after the 15 percent - or 150 mln - positive vote threshold was hit yesterday, June 14

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Q&A With Nate Zou, Co-Founder of ALZA

NewsBTC - 11809 hours ago

ALZA is an off-chain technology designed to make micropayments involving cryptocurrencies better, and that’s their official line. So, NewsBTC Group caught up with Nate Zou, one of the co-founders at ALBA to find out more. Here are few questions and responses that gives us a better idea of what they are out to achieve. Q: What problem does ALZA specifically solve in the industry today?  A: ALZA sol...

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Bitcoin in Brief: Halting 51% Attacks and Where Now for Ripple?

Bitcoin news - 11810 hours ago

The last 24 hours have been action-packed for the cryptocurrency markets, with digital assets rising off the SEC’s pronouncement that ethereum is not a security. But while most hodlers were toasting the agency’s announcement, one top five coin that failed to respond favorably was ripple. In today’s Bitcoin in Brief we consider where the SEC’s statement leaves XRP and examine a proposed solution to...

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