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Based on Ethereum — The next generation blockchain network.
Speculate on anything with an easy-to-use prediction market.


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Official blog

Introducing the Gnosis Dutch Exchange

361 days ago

In the past months, a team of mathematicians and developers at Gnosis took a close look at both centralized and decentralized implementations of exchanges. After facing some serious limitations with both types of exchanges, we decided to work on an entirely new solution — a decentralized exchange for ERC-20 tokens based on the Dutch auction principle. Before introducing our exchange model in detai...

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New Year, New Me

335 days ago

We’re starting 2018 with a fresh, new website 2017 has been a huge year for Gnosis. Since our token sale last April, Gnosis has grown in so many ways. While our team size expanded from 7 to 35 employees in the last year, we’ve developed many exciting products (Gnosis Olympia, the Dutch Exchange) which also led us to redefine our mission and brand statement. We have a long road in front of us, and...

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Announcing Full Node

328 days ago

Full Node, Europe's largest co-working space for blockchain companies opens in BerlinGnosis and Cosmos/Tendermint open Europe's largest co-working space for blockchain companies In the blockchain community, we believe that information should be shared, continually reconciled, and truly public. While the technology still is in its development stages, it is especially important for a young ecosystem...

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On all things Tokens

320 days ago

The Gnosis Dutch Exchange #3 Having introduced the Gnosis Dutch Exchange (DutchX) and explained its mechanism design, we’d like to provide you with more details about the exchange in a series of bi-weekly posts. We hope this series will shed light on the exchange’s features and leave you not only well prepared for the DutchX launch (planned for start of Q2), but also ready to participate. This wee...

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Ready to start building?

274 days ago

Gnosis X launches next Monday The range of use cases for prediction markets is huge–and we certainly won’t be able to leverage its full potential on our own. With Gnosis X, our aim is to provide a level playing field for developers, creators, and businesses building customized dApps on top of the Gnosis platform. We’re super excited to announce that we’ll be launching Gnosis X on March 19th, 2018....

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Russian Farming Village: Local Crypto, Bitcoin Reserves, No Govt Money

Bitcoin news - 4561 hours ago

Mikhail Shlyapnikov, cancer survivor turned quaint Russian farmer and cryptocurrency revolutionary, is well known within the ecosystem. He’s about as eccentric as imagined, defiantly taking on his government through the issuance of a proprietary, local money. It was a way to get out from under gouging state-backed banks. Close to half a decade later, and after a crackdown, his little hamlet is thr...

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Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: Positive Predictions Meet Negative Prognosis

Bitcoin news - 4730 hours ago

In times when cryptocurrency markets are experiencing a relatively significant dip, some influential voices continue to sound optimistic. We cover these opinions in today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief. Of course, positive predictions are almost always balanced by some negative expectations; in this case they are part of a short-term prognosis. Also read: Bitcoin in Brief Monday: Poloniex Responds...

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Blockchain May be the Answer to US Health Care Mess

NewsBTC - 4732 hours ago

In the tangled mess that is the American health care system wrongful or just poor information sharing is a major contributor to patient misdiagnosis, insurance denial and mistakes in billing. Very often problems stem from hospitals, doctors, state agencies and insurance companies using different information systems to send and share patient data. Decentralized Ledger Used to Streamline Medical Dat...

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DAOstack Token Sale Sells Out; Project Looks Toward Launch

Ethereum World News - 4874 hours ago

The token sale for GEN, the native utility token of the DAOstack ecosystem, successfully concluded on May 8 with a rapid sell-out of its main sale. With funding in place and momentum in its court, DAOstack is poised to take the next steps toward its mission to catalyze the future of collaboration. The GEN token sale took place in three phases: a main sale which sold out in 65 seconds, a presale wh...

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Bitcoin in Brief Wednesday: McAfee Predicts Bull Run as Crypto Markets Dip

Bitcoin news - 4875 hours ago

In today’s Bitcoin in Brief, internet security expert John McAfee expects bulls to come back to the crypto market, despite recent drops in prices across the board. Billions will be pumped by institutional investors, he predicted in a tweet. Meanwhile, a new study has shown that the mood of investors, rather than economic indicators, actually determines the value of cryptocurrencies. Also, do you w...

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