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What is it?

The ICONOMI Digital Assets Management Platform is a new and unique technical service that allows anyone from beginners to blockchain experts to invest in and manage digital assets.

ICONOMI is more than just a marketplace for digital assets. We provide the best experience and simplest method for entering the growing distributed economy.

With a broad set of unique and intuitive tools for people of any skill level, ICONOMI enables users to invest in and manage various digital assets and combinations of digital assets called Digital Asset Arrays™.

Website: https://www.iconomi.net/

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Official blog

Upcoming changes regarding Canadian users

710 days ago

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) recently published a notice taking a position on cryptocurrencies and specifically touching on cryptocurrency investment funds. In accordance with this, we must notify our Canadian users of several changes regarding their eligibility to use the ICONOMI Platform. Our vision is to be globally available, and therefore globally compliant. The CSA’s stance i...

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ICONOMI Monthly Update — August 2017

710 days ago

Dear ICONOMI supporters, Our story began just twelve months ago when we announced our ICO and our ambition to create the world’s first digital assets management platform. Since then, we have successfully built a bridge between the old and new economy, opening the ICONOMI platform and collecting $8.2M in investments in BLX. We also announced our partnership with Columbus Capital and started onboard...

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Introducing Columbus Capital: ICONOMI’s First Asset Management Partner

743 days ago

ICONOMI is the world’s first digital assets management platform, building a bridge between the old and the new economy. We are revolutionising the multibillion-dollar fund management industry and creating new dimensions in traditional fund management. Today, we are proud to announce our first partner to serve as a dedicated Digital Asset Array manager — Columbus Capital LTD. Focusing on building a...

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ICONOMI Monthly Update — July 2017

746 days ago

Dear ICONOMI supporters, We are pleased to inform you that the ICONOMI platform was released on August 1st and has since then attracted more than 10,000 new users. Everyone is able to sign up and buy & sell ICNX on the platform. ICNX will be tokenized and available for withdrawal to external wallets and exchanges shortly. Applications to become a Digital Asset Array manager are open The releas...

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Become one of the first ICONOMI Digital Asset Array managers

751 days ago

ICONOMI is the world’s first digital assets management platform, building a bridge between the old and the new economy, revolutionising the multibillion-dollar fund management industry, and creating new dimensions in traditional fund management. ICONOMI combines passionate visionaries with new possibilities and offers investors a golden opportunity to get into the crypto world by investing in DAAs...

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Mining Consumes Half as Much Power as BECI Estimates – Coinshares

Bitcoin news - 10410 hours ago

Embellished estimates as to the total electricity consumed through bitcoin mining have again made the rounds in the media recently, with many stories claiming that energy consumed by mining annually is comparable to that which is consumed by the entire nation of Ireland. Said stories appear to have been triggered by research published by Alex de Vries citing Digiconomist’s Bitcoin Energy Consumpti...

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Cryptocurrency Energy Use is Large, but an Optimistic Outlook Remains

DashForceNews - 10785 hours ago

Recently, Alex de Vries, founder of Digiconomist, published a research article on the energy consumption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In the article, he proposes that the energy consumption of Bitcoin is currently estimated to be around 2.55 gigawatts and can grow as high as 7.67 gigawatts in the future. This would put Bitcoin’s energy usage on par with Ireland (3.1 GW) and Austria (8.2 GW). A...

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How Will Bitcoin Solve Its Energy Consumption Problem?

NewsBTC - 11043 hours ago

If Bitcoin were a country, it would be the 40th largest consumer of electricity in the world. A new research paper has highlighted the growing problem as major cryptocurrencies seek to solve it. Bitcoin’s Energy Crisis Explored According to the figures, the amount of energy used for each transaction could run a dishwasher for a year. Alex de Vries wrote: “With the Bitcoin network processing just 2...

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0.5% of World’s Electricity by Year’s End: Bitcoin Mining Power Consumption is Insane

Ethereum World News - 11123 hours ago

A report by financial economist and blockchain specialist Alex de Vries (@DigiEconomist) indicates that Bitcoin power consumption is currently equal to that of the island of Ireland, and growing at an alarming rate. Due to intense competition and the difficulty scaling model of Bitcoin mining wherein the block rewards are halved over time, Bitcoin power consumption has grown exponentially in recen...

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