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What is it?

Metal is a blockchain-based system utilizing Proof-of-Processed-Payments to identify users,
rewarding them for converting legacy fiat currency into cryptocurrency. It is a system similar to
bitcoin but with a user-friendly interface and front-end that is similar to Venmo, Square or
PayPal. Metal can act as a bridge to bitcoin or any cryptocurrency available. Many small
businesses across the world prefer to only accept cash. However, in an increasingly cashless
society, refusing to accept digital and card payments can be problematic. Put simply, Metal
believes cash only businesses can benefit by adopting cryptocurrency as a new new form of
cash, as cryptocurrencies possess many of the same properties particularly around privacy,
censorship resistance and fungibility. In order to bring digital payments into a world that utilizes
blockchain-based technology over some traditional banking rails, Metal expects to save
consumers 4-5% on all purchases.


Metal / MTL

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Official blog

Closed alpha launch

739 days ago

After months of development, late night coding sessions, frustration and eureka's we're almost ready to reveal the first stage of our application to the public. A number of people will be invited to the closed alpha of our application. This allows us to find any last bugs and issues. "Who's invited in the closed alpha?", I hear you thinking. Here's what we have in mind: Investors Friends and f...

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Do users need to know how currency works?

761 days ago

I went to the store, and asked a person in line do you know how credit cards work? They didn’t know, the answer was, “I can spend money…” The credit card settlement system is actually quite complex, but basically nobody really thinks about it when spending. I then asked a friend, do you know how US dollars work? They said, “well it’s worth something, and I can buy things.” In reality the process o...

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Metal Update After Industry Security Issues

763 days ago

Overview A multi-sig contract utilized with parity suffered a security flaw, that allowed funds to be taken. Full details: No Metal Internal Funds were taken via this security vulnerability, ETH or the MTL token. We are safe and took precautions before and after to increase security, including moving funds to cold storage from our modified multi-sig...

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From Apple to Metal: Sid Parihar leads UX Design

767 days ago

Sid Parihar brings a wealth of experience to the Metal Pay team. Prior to joining Metal Pay as Chief Designer, Sid spent eight years at Apple, where he helped design a range of game changing products. Now, as he approaches the brand and design of products at Metal Pay, here’s an interview showcasing his depth of knowledge, and his holistic views on design. When it comes to product design and busin...

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Metal Token (MTL) is being Distributed!

775 days ago

Timeline The Metal Initial Distribution will complete at 12:00am PST Saturday July 8th What Metal has been up to since the initial sale? In the time since our initial raise we’ve worked hard to make sure we’ve done everything we can to make the use of the token, security, and integrations are set. We’ve been hard at work but our team genuinely appreciates the patience of those interested in our...

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Venezuela Begins Monitoring Bank Accounts for Crypto Transactions

Bitcoin news - 10392 hours ago

The government of Venezuela has started monitoring the bank accounts of its citizens for cryptocurrency-related transactions. Accounts found to contain crypto transactions at prices which the government considers to be “undermining the national currency” will be “severely punished,” Vice President Tareck El Aissami said. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Next Phase of...

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With Stock Market Stagnation, A Crypto Breakout is Imminent, says Investment Expert

Ethereum World News - 10418 hours ago

With the concern in the crypto-verse regarding the ongoing crypto market turmoil caused by the Coinrail hack and 4 crypto exchanges being investigated by the CFTC, Ethereum World News managed to get the insight of a seasoned investment, Brenda Whitman, who deals with IRA (Individual Retirement Accounts) centered on precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Ms. Whitman is a Registered Financial Consult...

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As Bitcoin Futures Volumes Increase Credit Agencies Look to Downgrade Dealers

Bitcoin news - 10433 hours ago

This past April, reported on the Bitcoin futures markets offered by the two derivatives giants Cboe and CME Group and how contract volumes were steadily rising. This month, while BTC-spot prices slide to significant lows, both futures products from these two companies are still seeing increased demand for contracts. Also Read: A New Cryptocurrency Radio Broadcast Launches on Bosto...

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Vaultoro, a Gold Trading Platform, Integrates Dash

DashForceNews - 10458 hours ago

Vaultoro, a gold trading platform, which previously only used Bitcoin for consumers to purchase and trade gold will now integrate Dash into their platform. The new Dash/gold bullion trading pair was made possible via a successful Dash Treasury proposal of 276 Dash (69 Dash per month for 4 months). On their blog, they said that they will use the funds for “technical expansion of [their] trading pla...

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ICOs Have Become a Parody of Themselves

Bitcoin news - 10506 hours ago

Watchdog ICOs exit scamming; ERC20 token wallets getting emptied via smart contract bugs; people dying in token sale publicity stunts: the world of ICOs has become so bizarre it’s impossible to tell what’s real and what’s satire. As a glimpse into the events of the past week shows, there’s never a dull day in ICO land. Nor is there a sane one. Also read: Matter App Provides a Long-Form Blogger Pla...

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Waiting for Reversal Confirmation

NewsBTC - 10616 hours ago

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin could be in for a longer-term rally as an inverse head and shoulders pattern is forming. Price needs to break past the neckline around $7,800 to confirm that an uptrend is about to take place. Technical indicators are still reflecting the presence of bearish momentum, so it could be uphill from here. Bitcoin price has formed a classic reversal pattern to sign...

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Metal (MTL) acquires cryptocurrency micro invest app Crumbs

Cryptoninjas - 10774 hours ago

Metal (MTL), a blockchain based payment system operating on a process known as Proof of Processed Payments (PoPP) today announced its first acquisition – Crumbs, a crypto-asset micro investing platform. Metal (MTL) acquires cryptocurrency micro invest app Crumbs

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Compliance Is The New Black

NewsBTC - 10779 hours ago

Visiting home is always good. I arrived at the Heathrow airport for my flight to Helsinki in a very smooth state of mind listening to the Bad Crypto Podcast ep that had just come out. This soon changed as I left the to-be-exhibited 2/12 Gold edition of ‘Fork and Flip’ in the men’s bathroom. This became apparent only after having checked in my bag and having gone through security. Luckily I was the...

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Bitwage Launches ICO Guidance Platform Inwage and Rolls Out Ether Support

NewsBTC - 10792 hours ago

Bitcoin payroll platform Bitwage have announced that they’ve created a new initial coin offering (ICO) advisory firm, as well as extending their existing services to support Ether. Their ICO guidance service will be known as Inwage. Inwage Will Help Companies Raise the Maximum Funding from Their ICO Bitwage have launched a couple of new services to add to their existing crypto payroll platform. Th...

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EOSIO Induced Ether (ETH) Dump Wipes $5 Billion Off Ethereum: Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis (May 29, 2018)

NewsBTC - 10811 hours ago

Yesterday’s Ethereum price movements were interesting. Within 70 minutes, Ethereum was down five percent in the process sliding to $500. That’s our previous support line and immediate bear targets in line with our previous analysis. Luckily for EOS supporters, it’s highly likely that EOS ETH dump is all but over now that their mainnet launch is less than three days away. If that is the case, ETH p...

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