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What is it?

Monacoin is the first cryptocurrency in Japan that was born in December 2013.
Monacoin community is the most active cryptocurrency users community in Japan .


MonaCoin / MONA

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Study Reveals ASIC Miners Represent 30% of the Equihash Mining Hashrate

Bitcoin news - 10443 hours ago

This week the Zcash Foundation and researchers from the University of Luxembourg have released a study that finds the presence of ASIC and FPGA miners may be controlling around 30 percent of the overall Equihash mining hashrate. The study speaks volumes to cryptocurrency developers and communities who have attempted to produce proof-of-work mechanisms that were meant to provide ASIC resistance.   ...

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Mining Manufacturer Obelisk Announces ASIC-Friendly Launchpad

Bitcoin news - 10638 hours ago

Obelisk, a new ASIC manufacturer led by Siacoin developer David Vorick, has released plans for an ASIC launchpad for Proof of Work coins. Its aim is to provide new and existing cryptocurrencies with an ASIC-friendly algorithm that will mitigate the rising threat of 51% attacks. Although initially devised with the company’s own ASIC miner in mind, an open source design will allow other ASIC develop...

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Overpaying for Security, or Misallocating? Bitcoin and Dash vs. 51% Attacks

DashForceNews - 10852 hours ago

Recent cryptocurrency news has been dominated by 51% attacks, whereby a single actor controls the majority of the mining power and is able to use this to reverse transactions. Bitcoin Gold and Verge, as well as Monacoin, recently suffered similar attacks. This has called into question original estimates of the level of network security provided by pure proof-of-work mining. A determined and powerf...

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Monacoin Suffers Selfish Attack, Highlighting Importance of Incentives

DashForceNews - 10882 hours ago

A recent selfish attack on Monacoin, a cryptocurrency developed in Japan, caused around $90,000 in damages A selfish attack involves a miner successfully mining a block, but not broadcasting discovery of the new block to the network. Then the same miner works on finding a second block before every other miner and, if successful, links the second newly discovered block with their first secretly dis...

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Got 1 BTC? Another Japanese Exchange Wants to Borrow Your Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin news - 10897 hours ago

Another government-approved Japanese cryptocurrency exchange has launched a program to borrow cryptocurrencies from its members. The exchange seeks to borrow 1 BTC or more. Initially, only BTC will be borrowed, but the exchange plans to add other cryptocurrencies including BCH, XRP, ETH, and LTC. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Bitbank Will Pay for Crypto Loans Bitb...

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Proof of Work Coins on High Alert Following Spate of 51% Attacks

Bitcoin news - 10948 hours ago

First it happened to verge. $1.8m of cryptocurrency swiped in a matter of hours. Then to bitcoin gold, plundered in an $18m double spend attack. Then to verge again, this time to the tune of $1.7 million. Along the way, monacoin is also believed to have been hit. Someone is methodically working their way through Proof of Work coins, controlling their hashrate, and then launching 51% attacks. Other...

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Bitcoin Gold Network Still Suffering Over a Week After Attack

NewsBTC - 10957 hours ago

Bitcoin Gold has been an interesting social experiment. This hard fork of Bitcoin had some high ambitions at first. Several months down the line, it seems things look a lot worse for wear. With one individual controlling most of the network, the ecosystem is facing a serious threat. Solving this matter has proven to be rather difficult. The Bitcoin Gold Network Issues In the world of cryptocurrenc...

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Binance Postpones Listing of ZenCash Following Pump and Dump

NewsBTC - 11006 hours ago

Binance, the world’s largest digital-asset exchange by traded value, has announced the listing of ZenCash (ZEN) today, only to see the currency’s network overload due to a price pump, which led the operator to postpone the listing until their blockchain is stable. ZEN is currently trading at the $40 area and Binance is about to list the digital currency on its platform. ZenCash Jumps 50% Ahead of...

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Monacoin Network Still Suffering From Selfless Mining Attack

NewsBTC - 11028 hours ago

Cryptocurrency networks are under multiple threats on a near-constant basis One of the biggest concerns is the so-called 51% attack. During such an attack, a nefarious individual – or group of users – can control the network. It appears the Monacoin network has recently gone through such an attack. There is still no solution to the ongoing problem. The Monacoin Attack Problem A few days ago, a ne...

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