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What is it?

NEM is the world's first Smart Asset blockchain. Built from the ground up for enterprise-grade performance, NEM's blockchain technology delivers a world class platform for management of almost any kind of asset: currencies, supply chains, notarizations, ownership records and more. NEM’S power is exposed through a straightforward and secure developer interface so that you can deploy your blockchain solution in record time. Whether you are building the next best mobile app or bringing blockchain into your existing business infrastructure, NEM makes blockchain work for you.



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Official blog

Add Https to an NIS Node on Debian

749 days ago

The NEM team would like to thank Patrick (Telegram: @spizzerb) for writing this tutorial. Introduction This tutorial is created and tested with Debian 8. Other Linux distributions should be similar to setup. We will go through the steps to create an https node. Texteditor We are going to use Vim as our text editor. You can also use GNU nano if you are more familiar with it. For a basic Vim t...

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NEM Key Recovery Service (KRS)

763 days ago

The NEM team would like to thank Aenima (Telegram: @Aenima86) for making this project and blog. The recovery of keys is a big challenge in all cryptocurrencies. One of the main concerns for many people using cryptocurrencies is the security of their funds. This is not an easy task for most people because we are used to centralized organizations taking care of security and supporting us when we h...

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NEM to Support ICOs and NEM Investors Via Newly Developed Exchange

780 days ago

3rd. August 2017 Last week the Foundation was pleased to announce it is developing a custom cryptocurrency exchange to directly support the expanding NEM economy. The Foundation’s goal with this exchange is to provide a dedicated platform for ICOs and trading of NEM-based tokens, and also to provide yet another option for investors to buy and sell XEM. The Foundation selected Blockchain Gl...

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PACNEM - Developing Games or Applications with the NEM Blockchain and Node.js

782 days ago

The NEM Team would like to thank Grégory Saive (Telegram user: @evias) for writing blog and tutorial. Introduction Today I am going to share a piece of my development experience on the PacNEM  game developed using Node.js and the nem blockchain (Feb. 2017 to Jul. 2017). Details of the implementation will be posted along with this article in a more in-depth article. This beginner’s guide aims to...

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Why NEM is Your Production Level Blockchain Platform

791 days ago

The NEM Team would like to thank Andreu Rodríguez i Donaire (Telegram user: @andreurd) for contributing this article. NEM (and its official currency XEM) is something more than a cryptocurrency or a new altcoin; it’s a revolutionary platform based on Blockchain technology, re-imagining from scratch the ideal Blockchain. NEM not only allows peer-to-peer standard transfer transactions, but it also...

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Hollywood Stars in Movie About Crypto Money Laundering

Bitcoin news - 11111 hours ago

A crime thriller called Crypto is reportedly being filmed, featuring a money laundering agent and a case involving cryptocurrency. Among the cast of the movie are Hollywood actors Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth, Alexis Bledel, Beau Knapp, Jeremie Harris, and Vincent Kartheiser. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space A Crypto Thriller Kurt Russel.An upcoming crime thriller ca...

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Survey: 13% of Net-Savvy Ukrainians Own Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin news - 11113 hours ago

Ukrainians are increasingly aware of cryptocurrencies, and 13 percent of those using the Internet own digital coins, according to a new survey. The total of the daily turnover on the three leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the country currently reaches $2 million USD.   Also read: Ukrainian Companies Mint 25 Coins, Raise $132 Million Majority of Ukrainians Know About Bitcoin A sizable majority o...

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LuxTag secures $600K in funding to fight counterfeiting with blockchain

Cryptoninjas - 11183 hours ago

LuxTag, a Malaysian solution provider that secures valuable assets on the NEM blockchain, has secured US$600,000 in funding from a seed round led by XSquared Ventures. LuxTag secures $600K in funding to fight counterfeiting with blockchain

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Number of Japanese Bitcoin Spenders Slowly but Steadily Increasing Says Bic Camera

Bitcoin news - 11217 hours ago

A year after the Japanese government recognized cryptocurrency as a legal form of money, bitcoin payments are steadily going mainstream. Bic Camera is one of the most profitable electronic, cosmetic and duty-free goods stores in Japan. It has now revealed that even though less than 1% of payments have been made in BTC since it started accepting bitcoin last year, the number of Japanese bitcoin spe...

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Top Trader Tip: “I trust trading cryptocurrencies on eToro”

NewsBTC - 11222 hours ago

An interview with Popular Investor Jay Edward Smith (jaynemesis) Jay Edward Smith has been trading since he was old enough to save up his own funds; his interest in finance and economics began during his teenage years. Jay joined eToro four years ago, growing his reputation as a leading authority on cryptocurrencies. “They’re very volatile, with far fewer traditional investors in the space,” says...

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Crypto Markets Continue To Fumble Amidst CFTC Investigations On Bitcoin (BTC) Manipulation

Ethereum World News - 11227 hours ago

The last 48 hours have blind sided many crypto traders and enthusiasts with two events that have left the crypto-markets in turmoil. The first one, was the confirmed hacking of popular South Korean exchange known as Coinrail. The total theft during the hack has been estimated to be at around $40 Million but the ripple effect on the cryptocurrency markets has been larger. Analysis indicate that the...

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Matter App Provides a Long-Form Blogger Platform Powered by BCH

Bitcoin news - 11246 hours ago

Just recently a new on-chain social media application has entered the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem called Matter — another decentralized blogging community that’s fueled by the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. Matter is the third social media platform that follows behind Blockpress and Memo, allowing users to store arbitrary data on the BCH chain. Also read: Paid in Bitcoin? Learn How to Survive Off a Cry...

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Looking for a Different Choice: NEM (XEM) a Future Winner!

Ethereum World News - 11262 hours ago

Based on information on CoinMarketCap – there are 1654 digital currencies [at least listed on CMC]. Mostly when it comes to choices in life, there are two or options what to do next. However, in the market as you can see its a 4 digit number and each one is looking more promising than the other. NEM – 15th by Market Cap There are coins that are standing above other when it comes to potential of su...

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Bitcoin Magazine’s Week in Review: Looking to the Past and the Future

Bitcoin magazine - 11269 hours ago

South Korea just ruled that bitcoin is a legally recognizable asset, which is good news for investors, but not such good news for convicted criminals that had managed to hold onto their cryptocurrency in the past. While 5,300 miles away in Slovenia, we see BTC City adopting full cryptocurrency support via blockchain by all vendors in the shopping center. Meanwhile, The Woz continues to have a sunn...

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Japanese Syndicate Wallet Hacked, $10 Million Reported Missing

Bitcoin magazine - 11285 hours ago

Shopin — a universal shopper profile that delivers personal shopping experiences through retailers’ apps, websites and stores — says one of its token distributors has been hacked and roughly $10 million in a variety of cryptocurrencies has been stolen. Representatives of the platform have released the following statement: “On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, Shopin distributed tokens to one of its leadi...

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