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What is it?

THE PILLAR PROJECT is a collaboration of the blockchain innovation community of 20|30. We want to get rid of old ways of thinking applied to new technology. While most people are busy building decentralized apps, we questioned the idea of apps in general and decided it was time to go in a new direction. The people listed here have joined because they are passionate about the project. We hope you will join us, too.

Website: https://pillarproject.io/

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Official blog

The Pillar Wallet Road Map

337 days ago

Dear Pillar supporters, The Pillar wallet is coming together! We are on track to ship our wallet in Q1 as described in the Pillar Wallet Road Map. This post covers the relationship between 2030 and Pillar and ends with two upcoming events: a live Q&A event and a tech report with anyone wanting to develop on the Pillar platform. In January of 2017, I started a community, and the community grew...

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Pillar Project Wallet Survey

302 days ago

Pillar Project Wallet Survey  By Ellen Low, Pillar project volunteer The results of our latest survey show that security concerns, lack of functionality, and bad user interface designs were the primary issues for low client satisfaction. This information is helping Pillar community better understand the end-user needs and guide our development to create the best blockchain wallet in the world. ...

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Adding the Pillar Logo to your Apple Watch

284 days ago

Adding the Pillar Logo to your Apple Watch.To set your own photo or photos as a custom watch face, you’ll need to sync a photo album on your iPhone with your watch. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone, then scroll down and tap on Photos. Next select Synced Album, followed by picking the album you’d like to store on your iPhone. Step 1. Save the Pillar Watch Background Image to your iPhone Photo Li...

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Build a Giving Business

275 days ago

The post Build a Giving Business appeared first on Pillar Project.

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Contest for Mobile Tutorials

252 days ago

The post Contest for Mobile Tutorials appeared first on Pillar Project.

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Bitcoin to 25k This Year? Tom Lee Sticks to His Prediction

Ethereum World News - 3491 hours ago

For Tom Lee, Fundstrat’s CEO and financial strategist, the bitcoin will close the year at a price of nearly 25k despite its recent performance. The Bitcoin during 2018 has had one of the strongest falls in its history, going from 20k to just over 7.5k as of May 24, 2018. Evolution of Bitcoin Prices during 2018 (blue) compared to an EMA of 200 (red). Chart by Tradingview However, this behavior is...

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