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Po.et is a shared, universal ledger designed to track ownership and attribution for the world's digital creative assets.

Website: https://po.et/

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Official blog

Announcing Our Partnership With Digital Media Network Maven

260 days ago

Exposing Po.et to 40 million users We’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with theMaven Network, Inc. — an expert-driven digital media network that creates tools for publications and allows content creators to have the ability to better manage and distribute their works. Po.et will provide Maven publishers with the ability to time stamp and time-license their content in an unalterable...

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Po.et Use Case #5: Press Release Distribution

257 days ago

You’re a company with an exciting product release, partnership or new service to announce. How do you make the world care about your news? First, you write a press release. Next, you pay a lot of money to post it on a site that will publish your release with hundreds of similar releases. Finally, you mass email pitch the press release to any journalist contacts you might have and cross your finger...

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Announcing Frost — An Open API for Publishers

250 days ago

The easiest way for content publishers and developers to interact with the Po.et network The Po.et team is excited to formally introduce the beta release of Frost — an open API layer for publishers. Frost provides a user-friendly way for content publishers and developers to interact with the Po.et network, without having to deal with private key infrastructure. Frost enables users to timestamp — a...

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Po.et & Blockchain 101

232 days ago

Some simple explanations of Po.et and blockchain fundamentalsPo.et & Blockchain 101 What is Po.et? What is blockchain? Why does it matter? For those of us who work in the blockchain world / decentralized economy, sometimes it can be tough to remember what it was like when we first heard about the technology. For example, When I tell friends and family what I do, most of them say something like...

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This Decentralized Media Hosting Service Aims to Challenge Censorship

Bitcoin magazine - 3537 hours ago

Working to “make journalism truly free,” Inkrypt wants to provide a censorship-free, back-end solution for content hosting and delivery. With a focus on transparency, data distribution and immutability, the protocol would give journalists and publishers the means to circulate content without the risk of a central point of failure or the threat of government intervention. Inkrypt was born from the...

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