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Bitgrail Bitcoin Assets Taken by Italian Government, Victims Still Fuming

Bitcoin news - 10357 hours ago

Embattled cryptocurrency exchange, Bitgrail, announced ongoing bankruptcy proceedings in Italy have turned full force, as the court seized the exchange’s bitcoin wallets. The ecosystem seems decidedly torn between addressing the fundamental cause, a hack that drained $170 million, and making victims whole.   Also read: William Shatner Joins Bitcoin Mining Project, Admits He Doesn’t Quite Get It It...

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Cryptocurrency Games Have Invaded the Most Popular App Stores

Bitcoin news - 10386 hours ago

Bitcoin and the vast array of cryptocurrencies within the digital asset economy have become extremely popular these days, and one reflection of this metric is how many games can be found trending on the most popular app stores. There are many games available that allow gamers to create their own virtual mining farms, simulate trading cryptocurrencies, and games that even reward people in micropaym...

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NANO Leading Recovery, 300K Purchase on Binance

Ethereum World News - 10401 hours ago

NANO (NANO)–In the midst of a small recovery for cryptocurrency, after shedding nearly 85 billion USD in market capitalization over the last week, NANO led the way with a 20% increase in price. Investors on Binance will have noticed, around 6am Eastern U.S. time, the price of NANO shot as high as 5172 satoshis before selling off to the 4400 satoshi range. While Redditors were quick to pick up on t...

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Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Chance of a Third Bounce, or New Low Looming

NewsBTC - 10446 hours ago

FOMO Moments The bears have full control and crypto markets are sliding further again today. With almost $20 billion shaved off in 24 hours things are looking grim in crypto land. Bitcoin is falling dangerously close to $6,000 and altcoins are getting punished as usual. BTC has declined a further 4.3% on the day to $6,580 and ETH has fared even worse dropping 7% to $495. There is a sea of red acro...

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Twitter Experience Worsens, Ether Fake Giveaways Taking Over

Bitcoin news - 10464 hours ago

Fake ether token giveaways are clogging Twitter threads, and seemingly by the second. Targeting well-known ecosystem figures, doppelganger accounts are created, complete with matching avatars. A particularly active post can almost assuredly be counted on to receive seemingly organic calls for participation in free crypto programs hosted by the respective personality. And now they’re incorporating...

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Binance User Loses 2 BTC After Hacker Steals Password, How to Prevent Theft

NewsBTC - 10494 hours ago

Amidst the brutal market conditions, a Reddit user, BeanThe5th, has somehow managed to get in more trouble than the market is currently in, reportedly losing two Bitcoin in a hack.  Reddit User Loses Two Bitcoin In Binance Hack Yesterday, BeanThe5th made a thread in the popular /r/cryptocurrency subreddit, regarding a theft that has occurred on his or her Binance account. Many users who saw this R...

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Paid in Bitcoin? Learn How to Survive Off a Crypto-Income

Bitcoin news - 10531 hours ago

Cryptocurrencies have become very popular, and over the past few years, and due to new applications and infrastructure they’ve become easier to spend compared to the early days. Nowadays, individuals are starting to be paid for their services in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash or other digital assets, and living off of cryptocurrencies is the next step towards having a stress free crypto-based...

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Users Could Soon See ‘Free’ Transactions Become A Reality

Ethereum World News - 10563 hours ago

CoinGeek and nChain recently joined a ‘Miner’s Choice’ initiative for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) miners. This initiative allows the miners to individually lower their own minimums for mining fees and transactions values that can be sent on the blockchain. Both CoinGeek and nChain plan to adjust the settings in the mining software on the platform to enhance this choice. The first adjustment will be to remo...

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Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: New Tech and a Quick Way to Make a Fortune in Crypto

Bitcoin news - 10584 hours ago

The most important thing about bitcoin is the new freedom-enhancing innovations that the technology enables, but we know that’s not what everyone is looking for these days. So in today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief we also feature a surefire way to make a quick fortune in cryptocurrency. Also Read: Coinmint to Invest up to $700 Million in New York Mining Center How to Make $120,000 in a Week Are y...

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IOTA Network Security FUDs Resurfaces Denting Bulls: IOTA, Tron, EOS, Litecoin and Stellar Lumens Technical Analysis (June 7, 2018)

NewsBTC - 10596 hours ago

Regardless of our stand, Tron is making progress by not only marketing themselves but by placing themselves at strategic points as they aim to expose themselves to incoming capital injection. So far we have seen collaboration with exchanges but with Shift Market and BitForex, it’s a different ball game. As this is happening, IOTA is low while EOS is struggling to print above June 2 highs. EOS Tech...

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