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What is it?

We have developed a state-of-the-art marketplace where you can securely and reliably buy and sell any items you wish. Entire stores can be created directly through the marketplace where you can sell your own products or re-sell others’ products for commission.

Like Ebay or Amazon without corporate gouging, political interference, downtime, maintenance or hefty fees.

Truly 1:1 global commerce. No middle man.


Syscoin / SYS

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Official blog

Blockmarket Desktop v1.0 Release

673 days ago

We are proud to announce the achievement of the latest milestone produced by our company, Blockchain Foundry Inc. Today, we officially launch Blockmarket Desktop v1.0. The Blockmarket Desktop v1.0 launch kicks-off a first among a series of e-commerce releases; followed shortly by Blockmarket Web Beta due before the end of 2017. We are happy to offer this version of Blockmarket completely free of c...

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Core Research and Development Update

687 days ago

Ian, Sebastian and Jag met in our Burnaby, BC headquarters in August of 2017 where we finalized as much of the roadmap for 2018 and beyond as possible. We have been approached by a number of large companies to solve problems through blockchain based applications. Some solutions we could not implement on Syscoin as it is today, so we’ve been working for the last six months on a solution to service...

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Blockmarket Desktop Release Date

687 days ago

Blockmarket 1.0 for Desktop will be released on September 12, 2017. Blockmarket Desktop is a replacement for the Syscoin QT wallet. It provides much-improved functionality, design and usability to all Syscoin services (marketplace, messaging, escrow, certificates and more) including drag and drop image uploads, easy wallet lock/unlock, robust identity management, enhanced category selection, impro...

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Blockmarket Security Audit Results and Next Steps

695 days ago

The security audit for our new Blockmarket Desktop Wallet is complete. There were no issues in the core wallet and only four low/moderate risk issues were discovered in Blockmarket Desktop, none of which resulted in loss of user funds. Securing Blockmarket Desktop Although these findings are low risk, we are dedicated to providing users with the utmost security and confidence in the products Block...

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Blockmarket Desktop Beta 5 Released!

741 days ago

We are pleased to announce the release of Blockmarket Desktop Beta 5! This release is the result of a huge amount of work from the team over the last three weeks and our development efforts were helped immensely by the testing and feedback provided by the community. As discussed in previous posts we have set a release-quality bar for Blockmarket Desktop and Beta 5 is a continuation of those effort...

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