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Surprise KYC: Investors in Tezos' Troubled ICO Might Finally Be Fed Up

CoinDesk - 5348 hours ago

After infighting brought months of delays, Tezos investors finally seemed about to receive their crypto tokens. Then something unexpected happened...

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Tezos Will Fork Before It’s Even Launched

Bitcoin news - 5380 hours ago

Tezos, a blockchain best known for its off-chain drama rather than its on-chain utility, is set to fork. Internecine conflict has riven the Tezos community for months, spilling over into the courtroom and leading to the dismissal of foundation members. On the eve of its mainnet launch, another twist will see nTezos created as a spin-off. In the process, it will make Tezos the first blockchain to h...

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Women Investing in Cryptocurrency Has Doubled in Six Months, Study

NewsBTC - 5434 hours ago

Many onlookers on the cryptocurrency industry have noticed that the sector has historically been compromised mostly of male figures. However, research from the London Block Exchange (LBE), a popular U.K.-based exchange, implies that this is changing quickly. Female Cryptocurrency Investment: 6% to 13% in Six Months Research done by the aforementioned has indicated that the amount of women willing...

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Decentralizing Cryptocurrency Is Hard

Bitcoin news - 5560 hours ago

“Decentralization shaming” is a popular way for cryptocurrency tribes to laud their anointed altcoin at the expense of the rest. The degree to which a cryptocurrency is free from control by any one entity has become a stick with which to beat projects that don’t measure up to bitcoin, which is all of them. Such arguments are fallacious though, because when you look closely, it becomes evident that...

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Tezos Community Petitions to End the Class Action Lawsuits

Bitcoin news - 5813 hours ago

Tezos was conceived as a governance-based blockchain to rival Ethereum, but it’s become more synonymous with protracted legal battles and internecine conflict. As the latest class action lawsuit drags its way through the courts, the Tezos community has petitioned for an end to all the legal turmoil so that everyone can move on. Also read: US Justice Department Investigates Price Manipulation in Bi...

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Investopedia Highlights Dash in an Article on Cryptocurrency Governance

DashForceNews - 5851 hours ago

Investopedia, the famous financial knowledge database and financial news service, recently published an article that discusses the importance of cryptocurrency governance. The author, Rakesh Sharma, started off by mentioning the DAO on the Ethereum network that raised a record $100 million USD, but eventually got hacked, lost $55 million USD, and created a fork in the Ethereum community. The arti...

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Bitcoin Brokerage Denies Tezos ICO Involvement in Court Filing

CoinDesk - 5880 hours ago

Bitcoin Suisse AG, a cryptocurrency brokerage listed as a defendant in a lawsuit against Tezos, has filed a motion to dismiss the case against it.

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