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What is it?

Zen is leveraging the best minds in technology, governance, and community building to create the world’s first private, distributed, and reliable platform for communications, transactions, and publishing.

Website: https://zensystem.io/

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Official blog

ZenCash R&D Partnership with IOHK and Goals for 2018 Video

400 days ago

ZenCash Partners with IOHK for R&D Projects Rosario already wrote a great article yesterday about how ZenCash and IOHK R&D Partner, so check that out for more detail. Here’s a video we made last week describing the partnership, why we think it’s such a big deal, and how it feeds in perfectly to our three big goals for 2018: Radical Usability Radical Transparency, and Radical Innovation D...

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Secure Node Payment Update 1-15-18

396 days ago

The ZenCash Secure Node System in Beta is operating successfully thanks to the 5700+ node operators around the globe helping us test the system under an operationally representative load! We are proud to be the only cryptocurrency that incentivizes node operators, paying 3.5% of mining rewards to ZenCash Secure Node operators. Secure Nodes Operating in Beta The Secure Node System remains in Beta,...

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Come costruire e rendere operativo un Secure Node ZenCash

373 days ago

  Requisiti Base per un Secure Node Il server ha bisogno di un processore e di un sistema operativo a 64 bit per soddisfare i requisiti di un Secure Node. Inoltre ha bisogno dell’accesso ad un processore core decente e ad un totale di 4 GB di RAM, che può includere uno swap se l’accesso alla memoria è abbastanza veloce. Per poter ottenere la remunerazione di un Secure Node ZenCash, il server del...

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Zen Team Interviews: Luca

356 days ago

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your background and experience? My Name is Luca Cermelli, I am 28 years old, I come from Italy and I drive an old school Fiat 500. I started my economics studies back in 2008 at Università degli Studi di Pavia, and I now hold a Master’s Degree in Economics and Management. With about 650 years of history, and more than 30.000 students, that was a true ins...

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Do some good, get some ZenCash tips!

345 days ago

We are now introducing the ZenTipBot on Discord! The TipBot is used to send ZenCash to other Discord members you wish to reward. Join our discord channel, do some good, and get some tips! Users will have the opportunity to deposit ZEN into a personal address assigned by the TipBot. They can then use this ZEN to directly tip other Discord users in amounts less than or equal to 1 ZEN. Users can ti...

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